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Tippmann Recon 9.5 Inch Barrel Airsoft Rifle


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Tippmann is an American-based manufacturer of paintball markers and paintball accessories and equipment, including military simulation kits. The company always tries hard to bring innovation to their engineering technology. They designed the first automatic marker and the use of refillable air systems. Tippmann developed the “Cyclone feed” system. They also have an A.C.T technology (anti-Chip Technology) that lessens jam chance due to misfed paintballs.

Tippmann Sports also acquired NXe, which is a maker of soft goods for the paintball industry. Tippmann has excellent customer service that strives its best to answer all their valuable customer problems and queries. The company offers paintball grenades that come in various sizes but have the same basic design. To activate them, the user releases a clasp and throws the grenade.
Today, Tippmann is famous for its various paintballs playing gears, paintball markers, and also sports goods. Tippmann paintball markers, especially tactical compact rifles and Cronus, are very famous in the industry.


Description of Tippmann Recon 9.5 Inch Barrel Airsoft Rifle


Introducing the RECON AEG SERIES of airsoft rifles.
Solid constructed with Quick-Change Spring System and also with a Built-In Mosfet.

It is currently available in 3 lengths that all include a carved polymer grip. It also has functional easy-lock latch adjustable stock for the ultimate in ergonomic adaptability.

A full length integrated top M-Lok Rail also provides quick mounting for optics and accessories. Moreover, reliable flip-up front and rear adjustable sights ensure a more significant aim.



  • M-Lok Rail System
  • Mosfet
  • Quick Change Spring System
  • 6 mm Ball Bearings
  • Ergonomic Carved Grip
  • Flip-up Front and Rear Sights
  • Available in CQB


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