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Tippmann – 6mm 0.20g BB (1kg / 5000ct)


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Tippmann – 6mm 0.20g BB (1kg / 5000ct)

Tippmann is a manufacturer company of paintballs markers and paintballs accessories and equipment including military simulation kits. It is an American company that designed the very first automatic marker and also the use of refillable air systems and the “Cyclone feed” system was designed by Tippmann too. Tippmann always try hard to bring innovation in their engineering technology, recently the have introduces an A.C.T technology (anti-Chip Technology) that reduces the chance of jams due to misfed paintballs.

Tippmann Sports also acquired NXe, which is a maker of soft goods for the paintball industry. They have great customer service that strive their best to answer all the problems and queries of their valuable customers. Tippmann offers a small line of paintball grenades, all using the same basic design but coming in a variety of sizes. To activate them, the user releases a clasp and throws the grenade. Today, Tippmann is a famous company with huge variety of paintballs playing gears, paintball markers, and air tanks and sports goods. In fact, Tippmann paintballs markers especially tactical compact rifle and Cronus are very famous in the industry.

Description of Tippmann – 6mm 0.20g BB (1kg / 5000ct)

Designed to work with all barrel types from tight-bore to wide-bore and everything else in between,
our BB’s are perfectly spherical, highly polish and have no seams ensuring a consistent
top level of accuracy.

Precision manufacturing process ensures consistency (5.95mm+.01mm).
High gloss finish polish results in a BB free of seams and surface imperfections
Improved accuracy and shot consistency.
Designed to be used with all FPS ranges, Tippmann Tactical BBs are less prone to chipping, chopping, or shattering even in high FPS /high-pressure situations.


Overall weight 20 grams


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