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NOVRITSCH SSX-23 Airsoft Pistol


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NOVRITSCH SSX-23 Airsoft Pistol

The NOVRITSCH SSX-23 is a pre-upgraded, Non-Blow Back Pistol. With its precision hop-up assembly and inner barrel, it outperforms most AEGS on the field in terms of precision and range.
With the Modular Suppressor attached it is extremely quiet which allows you to stay undiscovered after taking out your enemies one by one.

Includes: Gun case, Pistol with metal slide, Gas magazine
Muzzle Energy: 0.8-1.1 Joules
Total Weight: 860g
Magazine Capacity: 24 BBs

The main advantage of the SSX-23 is its quietness. Due to the closed system and the minimum number of moving parts, the pistol is the perfect solution for snipers and players who enjoy staying undiscovered.

With the modular suppressor attached, enemies will have no idea where the shot came from.

This pistol is built for efficiency.

Since there is no blowback, you can shoot multiple magazines with just one gas charge and there are fewer parts that can potentially wear down. All the gas is used for accelerating the BB, nothing else.

The gas consumption is about 4 times lower compared to a gas blowback pistol. Therefore it keeps working in sub-zero temperatures.



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