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G&G GTP9 GBB Green Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol – Black


The G&G GTP9 is the weapon choice for a reliable sidearm at budget price.
The slide kicks back with every trigger pull providing a realistic game play. Front and rear slide serrations offer increased grip when manually cocking back the slide to load a BB into the firing chamber or to access the hop-up unit. G&G outfitted this pistol with high-grade internals including a revolutionary whirl valve to keep the cylinder from freezing up. This airsoft pistol is powered by green gas/propane, which is filled directly into the 27 round magazine. To properly transport and store your pistol, G&G has included a custom carrying case.
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Micro gas filter improves gas efficiency
Whirl Cylinder Valve prevents frost build up
Lightweight polymer construction
Tactical rail allows for accessory attachments
Comes with pistol case, XL backstrap, and speedloader


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